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About us

BeratyAds is an online marketplace for SMEs. It aims to assist small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria so that they can get their products and services online and compete effectively with other big players in the industry. This will bring about equality in the way businesses are promoted online. The SMEs can compete equally with already established companies in Nigeria and can possibly outperform them. This is our primary goal.

Don't just post your ads, use this analytic tool to generate more leads for your business.


This is a part of marketing strategy that helps businesses convert leads to sales. It helps auto-track leads for you to convert them to sales. As a result, this makes a business act more quickly in order to win a customer / client. It helps you to discover people who are interested in your products / services that you don't know. You can then convince them to buy from you simply by making a call.


There are competitions in buying and selling of goods and services. People buy products or items online on a daily basis but it's not all of them that will buy from you even though they are interested in what you sell. This is because there are competitions out there and also they don't know you are selling what they want. And you cannot always depend on buyers within your location alone. What happens to the ones outside your location? Not even all of these potential buyers within your location know you have what they want to buy. So this is where you take action and convert them to sales.


Use the Marketplace Analytic Tool to observe and study people's interests on how they view and interact with products / services online. The real-time MAT delivers to you what products, items or services these people are viewing across the internet in the form of a chart. it automatically fetches data on a daily basis about their interactions towards items and services advertised online and presents them to you here in order for you to see the actual statistics of people you can sell your products / services to.